Difference between a Server, Host, Virtual Host and VPS.

One of the best explanations between a Server, Host, Virtual Host and VPS.
(Blaise M Crowly)

Let us take a trip to a Zoo.

  1. Today I want to see a Giraffe, Hippo, Aligator and a Kola. I know that all these are in the Zoo. I can now say that the Zoo is “HOSTING” all these animals in it.
  2. You can get a ticket to enter and see all animals you want to see. So I could say the Zoo is “SERVING” you.
  3. Your house hosts you, your family and your pets. Hence I can say your house is “HOSTING” your family.
  4. However people CANT take tickets to come and see your family. It’s your private space.
  5. Now within a Zoo, you have multiple enclosures having Tigers, Lions, or even Komodo Dragons. You can choose to either visit all of them or decide just to visit one and go back home. So I could say the Zoo is “VIRTUALLY HOSTING” multiple animals. (who wants a zoo that only has chipmunks)
  6. Now you visit a foreign country where they have an area with multiple Zoos within. Now you can say there are multiple Zoos within a space.

So to make it simple.

  1. HOST: It is just a computer system that can hold within it anything from a few pictures to website songs etc. Your laptop is a host.
  2. SERVER: A server is when a HOST is configured to respond to requests made by other computers. For eg: a HTTPserver serves you web pages when your browser makes a request, however, your laptop does not in normal cases.
  3. VIRTUAL HOST: A single server can host multiple websites and serve you the sites depending on what you ask for. Each site is called a virtual host.
  4. VPS (VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER): Here an entire VIRTUAL computer system is simulated using software within one computer. Some systems very easily can simulate up to ten virtual computers within one actual machine. Each of these virtual computers can act as a HOST, or server and can have VIRTUAL HOSTS within it.