Why DirectAdmin Hosting?

To keep things simple for the end user, the DirectAdmin developers keep the feature gamut rather on the low side and sometimes discreetly. However, the platform offers all the essential options so that webmasters, developers and resellers can easily manage a VPS or a dedicated server. Among them are:

Account manager: this is the section with the most important characteristics of your accommodation. From this area you can manage FTP accounts, MySQL databases and SSL certificates. Your domain operations are also included, allowing you to manage subdomains, zones DNS and site forwarding.

Email Manager – all about business communication with your domain name. In addition to email accounts, you will find automatic reply options and vacation messages. Email Manager also contains extensive email filtering settings, and partnering with SpamAssassin will ensure that no spam gets into your inboxes.

Additional Features: Most of the features it contains are more suitable for advanced users, but some of them are worth exploring. For example, two-factor authentication can greatly increase your defenses against external breaches. Cron Jobs can help you automate some of your hosting tasks. The account backup options are here too, and this is definitely something to keep in mind.

As you can see, not all control panels on the market have to be full of functions. Sometimes it is better to take the easy route and DirectAdmin gives you more than enough to manage a hosting account effectively